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Explore my design process and learn  more about my story below.

Design Process

I'm a highly creative, enthusiastic designer with an unmatched work ethic. Skilled in transforming business objectives and user insights into engaging digital products, visual narratives and user-centered interfaces. Equipped with an effective communication toolkit enhanced by my naturally empathetic nature.

Adept at working in a collaborative environment with diverse audiences, and blending strong visual and interaction design skills. Willingness to quickly adapt to new tools and methodologies. Innate curiosity and passion for continuous learning and improvement.

My design process utilizes a multi-faceted, cross-disciplinary approach, considering the whole picture. From customer, team, and stakeholder needs, to technological limitations & economic feasibility. By keeping the overarching story at the heart of my process, I help brands thrive by optimizing business success and delivering delightful experiences. 

My Story

I'm a first-generation Vietnamese-American based in Seattle, Washington. While I am no stranger to adversity, I've grown to be grateful for it. It has connected me with my humanity; my desire to live a noble life, and do good, in spite of malevolence. And... quite frankly, I think the world could use some more of that.

I've always had an insatiable hunger to serve and connect with others on a deeper, more human level. Alongside a life o
f service and meaningful connection, I also knew my life's purpose was closely tied to my innate desire to create beauty and provide value. So when I discovered UX design, I've never been more sure of what I want to do with my life, of the legacy I want to leave behind.

Using design as my vehicle – and the power of love and empathy to drive me – I am a firm believer that I have the potential to be a powerful agent of change.

A few things that make me smile:
My bunny Meatball, long walks, the sound of my mom singing or my dad playing guitar,
 competitive sports, and deep conversations.

Currently listening:
NN/g UX Podcast | UI Narrative | UI Breakfast


Student of the Year Award | Bradley Pizzalato 


"Theresa is a student teachers fight over having in class. She is the nicest student and her personality shines through. I am so proud of her attitude and effort on a daily basis; she reminds me why teaching is a great job.


Most people who know her would describe her as brilliant, but I am so glad to have finally seen the giggly personality that her friends love. She is a phenomenal student with overwhelming kindness, always willing to help others understand difficult concepts. She never shies away from helping others when they get stuck or need help.


I have no doubt Theresa is going to go on and do incredible things in life. Her smile and attitude are infectious and Meeker is really going to miss her next year. Theresa is extremely deserving of this award and I couldn't be happier giving it to her." 

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